Frederic BOX


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Daniel BROCHE - Direction

“Frederic was one of the first three person to join me when I launched He has been strongly involved since then: He successfully aquire the skills as far as the company grew. He is a good manager: Able to sustain team spirit even in difficult times. He is also a very efficient e-marketing expert and skilled webdesigner. All in one !”

30 juillet 2009 Daniel Broche, Founder & CEO, encadrait Frédéric chez Discounteo. online-shop

Noémie GRIVEL - Marketing

“Frédéric has very high skills on webmarketing, webdesign and on ecommerce. He is someone who always works to improve results and makes new ideas about marketing and e-commerce strategy. Frédéric was also a great manager who brings lots of added values to the marketing team. It was very pleasant to work with him and he is definitely someone you can trust in.”

26 août 2009 Noémie Grivel, était encadré(e) par Frédéric chez Discounteo (E-marketing, Discounteo)

Camille BRUYERE WORMSER - Marketing

“Frederic was my manager at Discounteo. Very attentive and available, Frederic is a very good manager with high communication skills. He knows how to motivate his team, creating a great working atmosphere. Passionate and hard working manager, Frederic is a very pleasant person to work for. Highly recommended”

25 janvier 2009 Camille Bruyere Wormser était encadré(e) par frederic chez Discounteo (Web Marketing Discounteo)

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