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Audit Technique SEO : les principales étapes à mettre en place en SEO

AI In Search Engine Advertising: Debunking Misconceptions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with the emergence of generative AI. Advertisers harness this technology for enhanced storytelling, consumer engagement, ... 

Audit Technique SEO : les principales étapes à mettre en place en SEO

Technical SEO audit : the main steps.

Invited by Jason BARNARD and orchestrated by Olivier AMICI. Intervention during the Webinar organized by SEMrush with an imposed SEO theme + Q&A session

E-commerce :
SEO Best Practices

Synthesis of several SEO best practices that I use and presented during the Domain name Event NDDcamp in PARIS.
(Official domain name exhibition in FRANCE).

Le SEO : Le bon, la brute et le truand

SEO: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Three SEO profiles inspired by the famous Western applied to the field of SEO that will allow you to better understand the profiles of ...

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Here are some examples of brands and companies in BtoC or BtoB for which I and/or I have worked/collaborated in Search Marketing: Digital Strategy, SEO, SEA, etc.

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The people with whom I have (had) the chance and the pleasure to work are precious. These relationships are inseparable and allow the success of the missions we carry out together.

"Frédéric Box is a person like only a handful of others in his work environment. Appreciated by all, this jack-of-all-trades is a true Swiss army knife of the web. His talents are multiple for all that touches the Internet, since he is as comfortable with the code as with the design, but also with marketing, ecommerce, teaching or even the legal and organizational aspects of a project.

Developing business relationships with Frédéric is both a chance and a pleasure, because of his remarkable human qualities first, and because he strives to put his talent at the service of his clients and partners as if it were his own projects.

I am happy and proud to be one of his partners and invite without the slightest reservation all those who would like to do the same."

David Chelly

David Chelly

Editeur de sites web (Europe de l'Est, énergies, noms de domaine), Administrateur SEO CAMP

"Frédéric has very high skills on webmarketing, webdesign and on ecommerce. He is someone who always works to improve results and makes new ideas about marketing and e-commerce strategy. Frédéric was also a great manager who brings lots of added values to the marketing team. It was very pleasant to work with him and he is definitely someone you can trust in."

Noémie Grivel

Noémie Grivel

Responsable webmarketing chez TRIGANO VDL

"Frederic was my manager for 3 years at, I highly recommend him for his solid knowledge and skills in digital marketing and e-commerce. Frédéric is very invested in his work and in supporting and increasing the skills of his team with intelligence and kindness."

Benedicte Collange

Benedicte Collange

Traffic Manager chez Wanimo / Groupe Dômes Pharma

"Frederic was one of the first three person to join me when I launched He has been strongly involved since then: He successfully aquire the skills as far as the company grew. 
He is a good manager: Able to sustain team spirit even in difficult times. 
He is also a very efficient e-marketing expert and skilled webdesigner. All in one !"

Daniel Broche

Daniel Broche

Chief Sustainability Officer

"Frederic is extremely talented and skilled at web design.

He combines great creativity and technical expertise on drawing and 3D modeling. Frederic is also someone with whom I enjoyed working at TV-Net"



Sales Director at TF1 Publicité

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